IMG_3034“FUN FUN FUN!!!”

“It was a great time!  Fun time, and learning time.  It’s nice to be around professionals.”

“I had an amazing time on this trip.”

“We most definitely got what we paid for.  Added to the value was the personal touch.”


“It was wonderful.  Gave us our money’s worth.  Loved the location, food was delish.  Work out areas were very good.  Met fabulous people – our group was very special!”

“Excellent combination of master instructors and knowledgeable in their field.”

“Great weekend with a nice group that bonded well together. Amazing job.  Thank you!!”

“I had an amazing time!

“The group put together for this trip was great. The variance of ages and personalities went really well together. . . . I would love to be part of this again.”


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  1. Irma Rodriguez says:

    Agreed with all comments that was made. The only thing I can add to this: Definitely can’t wait for the next one; “Wild, Wild, West!!”


  2. Past Guest says:

    Agree with the posts – killer work-outs, great instruction, lots of fun! Can’t wait for the next one!


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